Some say Zimbabwe is a failed state, others have said the agriculture industry has collapsed. I can’t comment on these lets I be called unpatriotic.

One thing I do is I observe, hear and know a few things, here are my thoughts as a Zimbabwean and a mushroom grower.

1. Zimbabwe relies on imported food, remove the imports and we will all starve.

2. We have a minister of agriculture who seem not to know anything on agriculture, or maybe he has a excuse that we are under sanctions?

3. I am looking for wheat bran and I can’t find any, as a mushroom grower in need it badly but I also know its a crucial input to the baking industry and stock feed manufacturers. The solution is import, I shall not talk about exporting employment, I will also leave the minister of finance to talk about the budget deficit when he presents his national budget.

I can go on and on, enough for today, but before I go my heart goes to all cotton farmers in Zimbabwe, dear daughters and sons of the soil not forgetting all the comrades. I know you are struggling to sell your cotton, I know you are thinking of quitting as many have done so, I know you are thinking of growing tobacco, I know those in government have told you its caused by sanctions (is that true?), I just want to let you know that we understand your plight however we are also mourningĀ  for the death of the agriculture industry.

Did you know that cotton had many uses besides what you know, if you didn’t know here are some of the uses:

1. From your cotton, we get oil which had many uses including production of cooking oil, you do not need worry on this because as you know we already import over 90% of our cooking oil from South Africa.

2.The cotton seed also holds the mushroom industry in Zimbabwe. Mushroom growers are stuck on what substrate to use to grow mushrooms as you know, no one cares to grow wheat anymore, so we no longer get wheat straw. Let me repeat again the mushroom grower is in trouble. Such that cost of production is rising fast and the prices too. when prices go too high that will enable our brothers and sisters across the Limpopo to bring their mushrooms here with that the mushroom industry will vanish, though we know its collapsed.

3. The same cotton seed also holdsĀ  cattle and chicken farming for stock feed and bedding respectively.

find out more on the plight of cotton farmers in this news article from the Sunday mail

I will write more on how the mushroom growing industry can’t survive without other agriculture sectors perfoming well. What do you think comrades?

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