We sell spawn for the following mushroom types:

a) Oyster mushrooms
#white straina
#grey strains
#Brown strain
#king oyster

b) Shiitake mushroom

This is not all we have, this is what we currently sell. If you have a type you want to grow get in touch with us. We are a specialty mushroom company and as such we do not make button mushroom spawn, we apologise for that.

The first reason you should buy our spawn is we have variety of strains especially for oyster mushroom growers. Some are good for winter and some for summer, we will help you make a wise choice depending on your circumstances.

The second reason is we do not just sell spawn but help you through out, we are the only spawn laboratory to start this service in Zimbabwe. Please note that we do not help untrained people, this service is only given to clients who buy at least 20 kgs at a time. We make regular visits and give advice.

Over and above the said visits and support, we give over the phone consultancy, we are there to help you because your success is ours. On Whatsapp +263773842677 nmupaso@gmail.com. We have a Whatsapp fruit that is exclusive to Mushtella clients only.

I will continue with other reasons in my future posts.