We have been training mushroom cultivation on a small scale but we are now focused on that area. Our training is quite unique in that we are more concerned about the new growers success in growing mushrooms. we also understand the cost of starting up a new business hence we have a special grower starter pack: by paying your training fee, you have many benefits, among other benefits you get:

1. A handbook
2. 10 kgs of spawn (oyster only)
3. 25% of the kits you produce during practicals.
4. Help to set up, through follow up visits.

Why should you be trained to grow mushrooms by mushtella?
Besides some of the benefits highlighted here, you get to be a member to the biggest mushroom community in Zimbabwe on Whatsapp, Facebook and this blog. Being a member to such a community awards you a chance to get maximum help not just from us but the community. Find out more about this community here.

You can also be part of this community on on our Facebook page. Or follow us on Twitter @mushtella 0773842677 (Whatsapp number).

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