Training is back due to public demand.our product is well respected on the market,so we are bringing back training for oyster mushrooms only starting november 2014. As has been our training remains unique and comprehensive.

Here are our revised packages:


Day 1 Theory only 0900-1500hrs

Day 2 Theory and practicals 0900-1500 hrs

Students must come to our farm once every two weeks untill the harvesting of the second flush (crop).though our training has been comprehensive we have improved on it so that we take students through the growing cycle.whilst students can start their projects at this time we will continue to call you to come where necessary.

After training students will get 10 kgs of spawn for free (if oyster) . We do not limit you on practicals you can come as many times as you wish. One has to invest $150 for this masters course.

This can also be converted into a mini consultancy package where we help you set up and train at your site.


this is a two day course costing $95/person

Day 1 Theory only 0900-1500hrs

Day 2 Theory and practicals 0900-1500 hrs

c) this is a combo package, training for two types. Cost is $120

0900-1500 (three day course)

We do not organise groups, so when you are ready for training make your payment and we will book you for training. you can either come, use ecocash, 0773 842 677, and get a 15% discount and finaly western union for international students. We also accept direct bank deposits (contact us for details).

International students: You need to email us details before making payments, we also need two weeks notice.