From the beggining we had figured what lies ahead for us,  the Challenges ahead are clear. Our business will touch on some challenges faced by  Zimbabwe: Hunger, malnutrition and poverty and environmental issues.
Mushroom farming has done this in other countries mainly in Asia.  China has managed pull millions out of poverty among many industries agriculture has been used to achieve their goals.
In  a few decades China has pulled many out of poverty, China managed to overtake many countries to become the  biggest producer and exporter of mushrooms and mushroom related products.
The mushtella challenge is aimed at touching Zimbabwe and Africa in general to overcome the above mentioned challenges in small ways we can. We do not promise to solve the Challenges completely but to play our part on a micro level,  above all we hope to have a positive influence on Africa.
Expect more in the coming days,  weeks,  months and years on the Mushtella Challenge.