Welcome to our Mushtella special launch we are delighted to announce the following; we will also be giving you juicy news every 23rd of each month until December 2014. From now to the next 23rd we will explain in detail what these offers mean to us and you so that you may exploit them to the fullest.

We have dumped the deposit ordering system, now you can just tell us you want kits/spawn or whatever and we will take your verbal order. We are also going to stock spawn and kits so that we somehow match demand however stocking such is also not an easy task. When we have huge demand our stocks may reduce such that we may put you on a waiting list. The liquidity challenge is affecting all of us so we have taken into consideration of the challenges you are facing hence we have to change our model .

Spawn price reduction
We know spawn constitutes the highest percentage on production cost for most farmers and as such we have been doing research and trials to see how we can reduce cost of production for most growers. The liquidity challenges we are all facing in Zimbabwe needs some real solutions and at mushtella we are just creating some of the solutions for mushroom growers in Zimbabwe. We have reduced the price of spawn as follows:

$2.00/kg (if you buy 99 kgs and above)
$2.50 (for quantities less than 99 kgs but above 9 kgs)
*** We no longer sell quantities below 9 kgs.******

One special offer is for clients who come from long distances to buy spawn, you can now buy spawn at $2.50 and no need to worry on shipping cost, if you stay at least 100 km from Harare you can now buy spawn at $2.50 per kg and forget paying shipping costs. Mushtella will send spawn though courier connect through out Zimbabwe, courier connect delivers through out Zimbabwe wherever there is a post office there is courier connect. This is meant to help growers there to compete with their Harare counterparts. However for this offer one has to buy a minimum of 39 kgs.
Over and above all the quantities above please note that our spawn is now packed in 3 kg packs so whatever you buy make sure it’s a multiple of 3.
We are moving to be a one stop shop for mushroom growers so we are now selling everything that specialty mushroom grower’s need.

Here are some products we have added to our product list:

Mushroom bags (tubing starts at $0.30/meter)

Substrate (starting at $0.07/kg)

We are saying if we don’t have what you need we will find it for you.

Some might be aware we do mushroom kits we are saying don’t bother doing all the stages just start at cropping. With kits all you need is watering and you start harvesting. Our kits start at $0.90 each. We are working on the kits model so expect some news on 23 October. We contend that it is wiser for most growers to go for kits because most growers have high levels of failures and some do not have the time. So our kits department is expanding to cater for as many growers as we can take and remember no need to pay deposit at all, make an order and mushtella will call you in 21 days time to collect kits, water and you have mushrooms within 10 days from collection.

For those who have not been buying spawn from us all along mushtella has free samples (kits and spawn only), 3 kgs spawn and one kit for people who have been growing for at least 6 months and should provide proof they have been growing for such a period. 500 grams spawn and one kit for anyone who want to try our spawn (even if you haven grown). We need 14 days notice before collection of such free samples.

“Flush sales”
Expect “flush sales to happen, “flush sales” will be held when we have stocked spawn/ kits and to the point they are pinning, changing our model has come with risk that all will not be sold on time, however we had to decide to remove the order system. This is good news to all of you. Spawn on flush sales will be sold at half price. So keep following mushtella, flush sales will only be open to our existing clients at the time of the sale.

It is our hope that the cost reduction can be passed to consumers, we have a dream that everyone in Zimbabwe must afford to buy mushrooms, it is also our dream to have the market expanding to low income earners hence our reduction on spawn price. Our kits model is also aimed at achieving that goal.

Hope this is worth celebrating and sharing with other growers, your feedback will be greatly appreciated.