Since we announced the spawn production course we have been getting a number of questions from different people and some players in the industry. this is a developing article will add more as we get more questions.

2. Can I afford the equipment?

This is a common question asked by many due to literature available online that mostly has state of the art equipment. At Mushtella we are offering appropriate technology to solve that without changing the science. We have simplified most things and also brought home grown solutions rather than relying on importation. The good news is you can now rent/lease the requisite equipment or simply buy your own.

2. Can anyone learn spawn production.

Yes as long as one is literate, if you are reading this then you are able to learn and make spawn.

3. will this not cause the market to flood with spawn and mushrooms

This is a common question being asked by other spawn makers and growers, its understandable since we become the first to offer such training. the answer is NO, we experience perennial shortages of mushrooms, this will certainly see growers cutting the cost of production and as such prices become favorable and the market grows. the opportunities are limitless.

The argument also ignores the common knowledge that we used to import all spawn from South Africa until the first lab was introduced, now there are about 7 labs making spawn all concentrated in Harare further new growers get trained  all the time without the said flooding. This requires it own article in the future.

Like i said this is a developing article, more to come.