Welcome to 2014, this is my first post of the year and I have some great news for all growers especially those who are members of the mushtella whatsapp group which is open to all growers everywhere in the world. To become a member simply send a whatsapp message to +263 773 842 677. The group has gone international as we now have members x from India and united Arab Emirates (UAE)

Capital is and has been a challenge and here is how I think we can help each other in small ways but I believe in the long run these initiatives will yield big results. For over five years I have been motivating people to collaborate as mushroom growers in Zimbabwe I have not succeeded in coming up with a mushroom growers association as has been my mission with Zimbabwe mushroom industry (zimushindustry), on 31 December 2014 The Zimushindustry facebook page will go down as well as the blog and the twitter account. All those efforts are now being done under my business.

Mushtella initiatives has many solutions its offering to growers so that first we preserve capital and also keep that capital going round among growers. It is my hope such initiatives will give birth to the association, last year I moved the idea that we need come up with a credit union an idea that was not taken up by enough growers for it to be implemented.

At mushtella we hire a lorry once or twice every week to carry various materials and I believe many other growers do. Am now encouraging growers to hire lorries from other growers who have, at mushtella we have started doing this, as we do this these growers will have a bit more income to prop up their businesses and in turn we have a good business to our lab, we are also  going to initiate partial payment by spawn.

It also happens that a grower has more mushrooms than they can sell a day and at the same time another grower has a deficit, so am encouraging a “mushroom exchange” whereby mushrooms are traded on the group at a uniform price, this I hope will go a long way in ensuring mushroom growers have their challenges alleviated.
Spawn is a key input to the industry and at mushtella we sell mushroom spawn and we believe we can support many growers, we now offering spawn in exchange of services and inputs we use at the same time we are working modalities to sell spawn on terms.

Last year I hosted a refresher course at subsidized rates, all growers were happy and this year we will hold one every quarter, this is aimed at imparting the necessary skills and knowledge to growers, if that happens all our businesses will flourish.

The whatsapp group also facilitates joint purchasing of substrate, efforts are underway to get discounts.I have many initiatives to offer but I believe I need suggestions from growers as well, so feel free to send your suggestions by email, whatsapp, sms or anything convenient to you. Will post more initiatives on this blog as well as on the whatsapp group.