We are now close to the 2nd Mushtella refresher course,which is on 22 march 2014.this time its going to cover all types just like we plan to do in all future refresher courses. The theme for the coming refresher course is “Professinally running a mushroom farm in Zimbabwe”

This is what I will cover during this refresher course.

1.cashflow management for a mushroom farm
-timing flushes for good cashflow management
-joint purchasing to reduce costs

2.managing contamination key to profitability
A)bio-security on a mushroom farm
B)quality of inputs and its effects on contamination
C)how contamination reduces yields and profitability

3.survival skills for mushroom farmers
A)diversifying into other mushroom types
B)diversifying into other horticulture projects (zero waste farm)
C)cash sales vs credit sales

4. The zimbambwean economy and mushroom farmers

5marketing issues
A)quality control
B)how to achieve consistent supply
D)using ICT to market mushrooms in zimbabwe

6 The future of mushrooms in zimbabwe
A)is it possible to export mushrooms from Zimbabwe.
B)the future belongs to medicinal mushrooms
C)shiitake and king oyster taking over the market by storm.
D) need to form a mushroom growers association.

A)farm tour at our mushroom farm
B)question time

I look forward to host you at our farm,not only is it an opportunity for growers to learn new skills, this is the time to meet as growers and share expriences and its an extremely important networking meeting for mushroom growers in zimbabwe.

8.managing people on a mushroom farm.
A)motivational issues
B)healthy and safety

-automatic humidifying and watering system will also be on demostration.

Registration is now in progress,we have heavily subsidised the fee so that we have a good group for good networking.registration fee ranges from $20-$45 depending on how early you pay.

1-7 March $20
8-14 March $25
15-20 March $30
21-22 March $40

The refresher course will be on 22 march 2014,9am to 13:00 hours.from 14:00 people can mix and mingle and have time to know each other. Remember there will be a braii so that we get time to network.

You can register through:

Ecocash. 0773842677

Braai will start 1400hrs after which people can continue mixing and mingling till late.