Shelf cultivation of oyster mushrooms In mushroom growing there are principles that don’t really change, but from grower to grower there are variations this makes mushroom growing seem complex. Its up to the grower to chose the best culture whether bag,tray,bottle or shelf. Even growers using bag culture will still vary on their systems. To be an expert in this industry its advisable to stick to one method unless it ceases to work. I will continue to do image blogging hoping each image will tell its own story.

 Quality – A Tip for Mushroom growers

Whatever type of mushroom you grow, harvesting young mushrooms ensures you have the best quality of mushrooms. It lasts long on the shelf and most importantly they will have the greatest taste. Its attractive to the eye too. That will translate to higher sales for a grower. I hope my daily grower tips will help growers improve quality. And if you are a mushroom consumer know that the younger the mushroom the better the taste. What do you think, we greatly appreciate your feedback.

 Where to buy mushroom growing substrate in Zimbabwe

Some time last year I hatched the mushcollabo project, This project encourages collaboration with aim to reduce cost. So far we buy Hulls jointly, we share transport equally, every grower buys hulls they need, no extra charges. I am now opening this up to all under code name mushtella collaborations, hulls are bought and are collected from Marlborough. This is open to all growers in Harare. In exchange for such a service we ask you to support us by buying our spawn. This service is mainly aimed at helping small scale growers who need small quantities and other growers