Mushroom business talk on radio

I will be on radio tomorrow talking mushrooms. I will be representing the Mushroom Growers Association of Zimbabwe (MGAZ). Don’t miss this opportunity to understand the mushroom growing industry in Zimbabwe. This will be my second appearance on radio in less than three months. I was also on national fm the other time. I am glad I will be reaching a different audience, I hope to be on all radio stations and TV as I play my role in educating the nation on mushrooms: mushroom as a business opportunity, mushrooms as a way to alleviate hunger, mushrooms for a healthy nation, besides being delicious mushroom are packed with most essential nutrients. These are benefits we hope as MGAZ we will help the nation on. We will continue to work hard in this area until we reach the set goals. The programme will be live on Starfm (89.7) 2010 – 2100 on Tuesday 29 September 2015. This will be a great opportunity for all, growers and consumers even policy makers as well. #mushroomrevolutionzimbabwe

 The importance of training and/or consultancy

Had a grower who got in touch today asking why people do not want to get training, his question was motivated by the kind of questions we get on our whatsapp group. its easy to tell a person has not been trained by the questions they ask and use of jargon. I get a lot of inquiries on spawn and the people who are starting are relying on google

 Mushtella goes on radio: talking mushrooms

I will be on radio this Thursday (18 June 2015), i will be talking on a number of issues on mushrooms growing in Zimbabwe with particular emphasis on women and how they can start growing mushrooms to sustain families and also as a business run commercially. Tune in to ZBC’s station :National FM on frequency 102.8, the programme is called Sungano yevanhukadzi. Make sure to tune in at 1430.

 Mushroom Growing Substrates for Sale in Zimbabwe

Mushroom growing substrates are hard to get during the rain season due to obvious reasons. We can help keep your mushroom business be selling you high quality mushroom growing substrate. We have strategic partners who are able to stock for us and as such we have an all year round supply.

currently we selling
:cotton seed hulls $200/tonne
:wheat straw bales $3.00/bale
:soya bean straw $3.00/bale

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happy mushroom growing

 Agriculture news in Zimbabwe on Mushtella

We can not seperate mushroom farming from other farming ventures at all, for that reason i will be giving you agricultural news and analyse whats the link with mushroom farming. all that we are using as growing media (substrate) comes from conventional farming practices. Most forget that we are farmers.

as we get into the 2014-2015 agricultural season i always ask myself will we have a good season, will the cotton farmers go back to the fields, will the dams be filled up. We need the rains badly and its now clear the season is delayed.

could this be climate change? Yes it is, are prepared as farmers or rather are we adapting to climate change, its time as mushroom growers we look at things in a broad perspective and know that we have a symbiotic relationship with conventional farmers or perhaps we also conventonal farmers in our own right.

i hope this article changes your perspective of the agricultural industry in Zimbabwe, if i get time i will write on the linkages that all farming activities have and how one can set up a “zero waste” farm.

until then enjoy your farming activities don’t look at the sky just prepare the land and get inputs ready.

We thank God for the rains, though too late.

The ZANU PF Congress had taken over the news headlines,  very sad I will say as the party in government I would have expected the respective ministries to have been giving the nation updates on our preparedness for the 2014/15 agricultural season.

The rains have come so Late that most of the tobacco is doomed,  cattle have and are still dying because of obvious reason.  Do we have a minister of agriculture,  the minister of finance must be telling us what are the prospects for 2015 since its now obvious we will have compromised yields.

Wake up from the slumber our leaders,  this is time to prepare for on coming disaster.  As a mushroom grower I will be heavily affected but perhaps not as other conventional farmers.

The rains are finally here,  a mushroom grower is not heavily affected by drought besides the fact that drought causes  challenges on our r economy.

Enough of that,  I have been following developments on the introduction of coins,  what a positive development, as someone who does selling this is exciting because I don’t need to round up/down my prices especially when doing direct sales.  Coins will enable smooth trade in the informal sector in particular.

The sad reality is most Zimbabweans are now very negative and look for an oprtunity to criticise.  Its time we be positive and build our country. Let’s accept the coins.

To the government it’s time to work hard to fight off negativity in the nation,  this can only be achieved by policy consistency.  Stop flip flopping Mr government. If you stop that we will trust you.

Happy farming.

 Mushroom growing substrates for sale in Zimbabwe

Mushroom growing substrates are hard to get during the rain season due to obvious reasons. We can help keep your mushroom business be selling you high quality mushroom growing substrate. We have strategic partners who are able to stock for us and as such we have an all year round supply.

currently we selling
:cotton seed hulls $200/tonne
:wheat straw bales $3.00/bale
:soya bean straw $3.00/bale

call us for an up to date quote.

 Power outages: should you move to solar?

Todays discussion on our whatsapp group centred on solar energy this came across after growers discussed the current power crisis in relation to power requirements on a mushroom farm. It is hard to run a mushroom farm when air conditioners are not running due to power cuts.

The Zimbabwe Electricity Supply Authority (ZESA) is struggling to meet demand which is thought to be about 2000 megawatts per day, while they are generating way below 1000 megawatts, this has resulted in load-shedding schedules that go beyond 15 hours on most days.

Growers who use air conditioner may have to close shop or restrategise, we tried to come up with solutions the most likely option was solar, we then asked an expert on solar energy in the group to do costing for us.

when the bill was tabled most got discouraged but in the final analysis it is a good option, the major challenge is the initial cost is very high: its actually beyond the reach of many. I will do a series on what you need to have to have a solar system working in general, am sure this series will help many in Zimbabwe. Generators remain as good solution for at least in the short to medium term (while initial cost is low running cost are too high especially on fuel).

i will also take the opportunity to talk about renewable energy solutions for mushroom growers and Zimbabwe at large.

 The 2016 National budget is out, a mushroom growers perspective

I have just downloaded the national budget for 2016, I will take my time to read some sections for purposes of having ideas of what our government is planning, some areas will be implemented but i know the government is good at making great policy pronouncements but implementation is far from them.

Government will provide free inputs for cotton farmers this might improve production levels and many mushroom growers will smile at this as most use cotton waste, motes and seed hulls. However our government must look at history and realise free inputs do more harm than good to our country.

its sad our government is not serious about horticulture, yet at its peak it had potential to earn the country over US$400 million dollars per annum, we can still achieve this if proper policies are put in place.

 Direct mushroom sales: Harare

We have done mushroom deliveries in town before but we have done so in a different way, There are many reasons why this one is special. The first is mushrooms sold in most places is way more expensive. Second the price that you will buy our mushrooms is half the price you buy it in supermarkets. Third our mushrooms are fresh, we deliver the same day we harvest. All mushrooms not sold on any day are taken for further processing so as to preserve the freshness. When you buy dried mushrooms you know its from high quality mushrooms. Third mushrooms are delivered right where you are, we are just a whatsapp message/a call/an sms away.

Prices start from $0.60/ punnet

That is not all, if you refer 5 clients who will buy mushrooms you get our gift pack(fresh and dried mushrooms). The people you refer must be in a different area than you.