After an extensive survey on how we can serve our clients we came up with the following changes that we hope will enable us to serve you more and it is our hope that those changes will give you success in your endeavors.

As most are well aware Mushtella Laboratory only deals with clients who can put an order 14 days in advance to that we are adjusting to 10 days. So your spawn will be ready 10 days after your order. We are now going to be selling spawn on credit. We know the challenges we are all facing due to the liquidity crunch. Clients can now deposit 50% and then pay the balance in 40 days. This is on valid to existing growers and Mushtella reserves the right to offer credit.

As has been reported we are now selling kits. An order has to be made 20 days in advance, 50% deposit is required and terms are also available and balance must be cleared in 14 days from the day of collection.

We acknowledge the need for supporting our clients and therefore Mushtella will offer support to all clients who buy 30kgs and above and such clients must consistently buy spawn, kits or any inputs from us. Support and technical assistance will be offered at no extra cost save for transport cost. May all clients note that for us to give support there are general minimum quantity guidelines as well as consistency from the client will be considered. This support will include farm visit, over the phone and online support.

We do have a number of measuring instruments (thermometers, hygrometers, pH meters, etc) that we sell just enquire with us; we basically can supply anything to the mushroom industry in Zimbabwe. We say if we don’t have it, we will find it for you.

We would like to know how best we can serve you and as such feel free to give us feedback. You can get us on whatsapp +263 773 842 677 or follow us on twiteer: @mushtella or visit our facebook page