We are glad to be launching our environmental project in an effort to green our business for the sake of the environment and engage in sustainable at agriculture, this is a first step in a series of environmental projects lined up for 2017, this is also in line with our mission.

Recycle and Reuse

First step is Recycling and Reuse of non returnable clear glass bottles that are dumped all over and cause damage to our environment, our city fathers struggle to dispose this waste as it is heavy to carry thus more fuel is used to transport such waste.

Our Solution

We are making a unique offer to oyster mushroom growers in Zimbabwe by offering them an opportunity to exchange such bottles for spawn (“mushroom seed”) We are also looking for partners on such a project so we make it a big thing, our goal is to ultimately reach out to street people who are already involved in plastic bottle recycling. This will help them increase income while cleaning our cities.


We aim to reduce our reliance on plastic packs which are also difficult to dispose. The bottles are reusable over and over unless they break. We will reduce our use of plastics and reduce cost and automatically our prices will fall, growers reduce cost of production and consumers will enjoy affordable mushrooms which are highly nutritious, We hope to build a sustainable model for the success of the whole industry and country.

How it works

750ml bottle will be bought at $0.10 and 375ml at $0.05, other bottle sizes will be valued accordingly. Call us and alert how many kgs of spawn you need and bottle quantity you have then we discuss. Bigger portion of the payment must be money. The model will be adjusted as we proceed, please give us some feedback in the comments section below.