Mushtella initiatives has been here for over a year now and it has been a great time sharing with mushroom growers. Chatting times have been 0700 to 2100. As your administrator I follow all discussions, moderate and give answers to the best of my ability and copy all your comments and keep a record. I then look at the chats and then give further replies through my blog. What started as a group of a few people has now grown to two groups and group 2 is now almost full and have to create  a third group. Over and above these I now have a Mushtella initiatives Premium group that is composed of people who pay subscriptions and get more advice and receive the mushtella club magazine. Find more benefits detailed in the mushtella club post.

Consequently that means a lot of work on the administrator and as such chatting times have to be reduced to allow admin to rest. All group chats will now be 0700 to 1700. There will also be no chatting during weekends and public holidays. However chatting can go on our Facebook page or blog. I really would love people to read my blog and critique it so that we can keep improving and also have discussions and arguments on mushroom growing systems and methods, this will also help us improve our systems as an industry in Zimbabwe.

Any inconvenience caused is sincerely regretted, Mushtella initiatives is now the biggest movement on mushrooms in Zimbabwe. If you are not a member you are missing out.

Who can be a member:
Anyone in the mushroom industry, university students, mushroom enthusiasts, mushroom buyers, policy makers. Anyone as long as you have something to do with mushroom. Chats are strictly mushrooms.

1. Chatting must be 0700 to 1700 Mon-friday, 0700 to 1200 Saturdays, group opens as usual on Saturdays if there is an association meeting (MUGAZ only)

2. Chatting must be strictly in English due to our wide reach.
Use of good English, do not use abbreviations or shorthand.
We don’t accept use of foul language

3. Before asking a question we encourage you to read the Mushtella blog or search the internet, if still in the dark then ask on the group.

4. No chatting will be allowed Sundays and public holidays.

5. greeting messages are not allowed unless if the greeting is accompanied by a relevant post. (imagine all people on the group saying good morning).

7. No advertising will be allowed on the groups without first seeking authority from the administrator. Mushrooms can be advertised and traded freely until further notice.

2.The administrator reserves the right to decline adverts.

By asking to be a member you are agreeing that your chats can be published on any electronic media.

Mushtella Initiatives:
These groups are all free, anyone can join. Send a message  to 0773842677 stating your interest in mushrooms and name, if growing state the type/s you are growing. Thinking of starting the mushroom growing business in Zimbabwe or simply want to understand the mushroom growing business then these whatsapp groups are for you.

Mushtella Initiatives Premium:
This is a new group composed of mushtella club members. To be a member of this group one must have subscribed to the mushtella club or must be our client. contact us for more details.

Converging of groups:
Some may be wondering why we have several groups, at the time of going to press whatsapp only allows a maximum of 50 members per group so once we reach the maximum cap we have no option but to create a new group. Once whatsapp increase group cap we will merge the groups, in the mean time we are encouraging all of you to utilize our Facebook page, if you are not happy with facebook leave comments our my blog others will come and comment and discussions are initiated.

Some may not be aware of my not for profit effort.  zimushindustry is an effort I started so that we can come up with an association.

This platform I am trying to encourage all of you to participate and share ideas and experiences, through the group chats we have come to know there are poor trainers, people who have no basic knowledge but they are training. Some give wild yield assumptions so that they sell expensive inputs and charge exorbitant consultancy and training fees. We have areas we need share ideas to overcome. We also need face the challenges and find solutions. Much of this on zimushindustry. We do not operate in isolation from the economy, it’s a fact people are loosing jobs, companies closing, disposable incomes falling. In short the economic prospects are not as bright. Lets discuss these challenges on zimushindustry and find solutions, my main aim being the formation of a mushroom growers association Zimbabwe

Lets talk mushrooms
0773842677 (available on Whatsapp)