Mushroom growers handbook 1 – Preface

I have started doing a review of the Mushroom growers handbook with particular focus of helping people in Zimbabwe to start mushroom growing businesses, enhance current growers and also to help the whole populace to have knowledge of mushrooms. This handbook is a must have for all growers,and all thinking of growing mushrooms. The book is not so scientific its written in a way that everyone can understand. I will upload all chapters together with a review, this will take time but it is my hope that it will benefit you in your endeavours to grow mushrooms. Mushroom Growers Handbook – Oyster Mushroom Cultivation – Preface

 Food revolution day: The role of mushrooms in ones health and its cholesterol reducing properties

As I join others in the world on this day: Food revolution day. I would like to call upon all Zimbabweans to pay attention to what they eat. I would also like to encourage people to know their health status all the time last but not least physical activity is crucial to ones health. As a mushroom farmer I am happy to play my role in building a health society in my small way. Mushrooms are rich in the non-starch polysaccharides (NSP) chitin and beta-gluten. Recent research demonstrates that these NSP, or dietary fibre, can help to reduce blood cholesterol and protect against heart disease. Let’s fight obesity and we will reduce diseases associated with it, mushrooms do not have fat and yet they are rich in protein,vitamins and minerals.

Food Revolution Day: We are leading the revolution in our own small way

On Saturday, May 19, 2012 people all over the world will celebrate the first Food Revolution Day, a day of action designed to help everyone think about where their food comes from, consider making healthier, less-processed choices about what they put in their bodies, and gather together to share those ideas and meals as a community of cooks and eaters committed to eating well.

 Fresh mushrooms : Mushtella delivers where you are

Mushtella is your leading mushroom and health company.We have just relaunched our direct sales that had been suspended over a year ago. This is part of our rebranding exercise as we are saying Mushtella is more than a mushroom business, we now have an emphasis on health and the environment. Many people do not pay attention to the food they eat especially on nutrition and health benefits. More on health in my future posts. Mushrooms will be delivered fresh. All mushrooms will be delivered on the day they are harvested. No quantity is too small for us to deliver. The supermarkets have done us a disfavour hence we now want to deliver straight to our clients. This effort is also meant to make mushrooms cheaper for all. Above all we had like you to have. Them fresh. Feel free to ask questions and make comments.

 Unsung Heroes of conservation: reusing, recycling and reducing through mushroom growing in Zimbabwe

Here a lady gathering sawdust at a sawmill in Glen View. Sawdust is used for mushroom growing not only in Zimbabwe but the world over. Mushroom growers play an important role in Zimbabwe by playing their role in the greening of Zimbabwe in their own small way. I will highlight some of the ways in future posts, but as in the photo mushroom heavily rely on agricultural waste and other waste material like sawdust. Growers play a role not only of disposing off that waste but turning waste into food. After growing the spent substrate/compost does not become waste but is used as manure for crops and vegetables.For more of this follow me on facebook Mushtella or twitter @mushtella

 Quality of spawn is crucial to yields of all mushroom types

As a mushroom grower you need to use spawn of the highest quality for success. Carefully inspect spawn when you buy and ensure it has no contamination. For that reason we need growers to tell us in advance the quantities of spawn required 15days in advance so that we give you. Quality spawn. That way we are able to give you spawn when its most viable. Growers prefer us to stock spawn but for quality reasons we can’t. Of all the grey strains I have gown, the OY7 is unique. Quick colonisation, high yields and aggressive against contaminants. You can only get this at Mushtella call me for your orders.

 Oyster mushroom project-a sustainable model

I don’t usually post on how to generally grow mushrooms as the net is full of such information. If you are just starting and are in Zimbabwe get in touch I will help you to change all you read on the net to the Zimbabwean environment.  I came across this blog and I recommend it fully especially to those staying in developing countries its a sustainable model.

 Return to mushrooms

Its been a while since I posted on this blog. I hope you have been growing successfully and profitably. I have just been looking for mushrooms today just to check on prevailing prices. I didn’t find much as the shops have nothing on the shelves and that translate to high prices on the market. Good for you guys and for those looking for an opportunity to earn extra income or for investing in a mushroom business that’s also good news and as usual we can help you with all inputs training and consultancy. Happy mushroom growing Zimbabweans.

 Business opportunities in mushrooms

Just got that link and I was chatting with Chido Govera a mushroom enthusiasts and she said that’s not for Africa. True remove all the advanced equipment and it becomes appropriate technology, that’s what we really do I will post images of simple structures in Zimbabwe. Thinking of investing In mushrooms then contact us we will help you up to marketing