Free mushroom farm visits for spawn clients

We have learnt with disappointment that there are a number of bogus trainers out there, who are poorly training. protect your hard earned money by getting good training, some of the trainers are a bit expensive but you will get very good training. One of the reasons why other growers fail is they get trained (one day) and go and do their own things without any form of backup. If you buy spawn from us, you will get support from us through farm visits, online support and over the phone help. We will take you step by step. Till you stand on your own feet. Call us now and book a date with us.

 Mushroom growers refresher course and “field” day

The first mushroom field day and refresher course will be held at Mushtella farm, as with all our free products and services this is open to all our clients absolutely free. Others are free to attend at a small fee; this will be held on 7 November 2013, 0900-1300 (those who will be free can remain for practicals and discussions). The first is aimed at oyster mushroom growing. These will be held every quarter (once a quarter for each type). I am happy to be announcing that we have a guest speaker: Masimba Mpahlo from Rockshield mushrooms, he will present on selected topics, there will be a number of topics that will be for open for discussion as well as a question and answer segment. After all has been done and said participants will tour Mushtella farm, I hope to introduce the idea of coming up with a mushroom growers association as has been with my Zimbabwe mushroom industry project
There are a few rules to those intending to attend:
*you must have received training (not necessarily from us).
*you must be well versed with mushroom growing terminology (if not sure refer to our mushroom dictionary
*you must be growing mushrooms.

I hope to see all of you  the 9th of November 2013.

 Breaking news; we are now selling button spawn

We are glad to announce that we are now selling button mushroom spawn. We have two strains,

1. Sylvan imported from South Africa. Minimum quantity is 10kgs, selling at $14/kg

2. Locally produced button spawn, at $10/ kg, you can buy any quantity.

Also note we still produce oyster spawn $3/kg and shiitake at $5/kg. For oyster 100 kgs and above orders we sell at $2/kg.

 The dream of many, a big mushroom Farm

This is a state of the art mushroom farm, most people dream of having such. The challenge is most people do not want to plan and come up with budgets to achieve such. Ask then how? The answer is vague. I get many enquiries of people who need help to achieve certain production levels. when I tell them what to do, most people ignore the advice and make short cuts to their dream farm, sadly they fail. Mushroom growing relies on a good mushroom house with good environmental management. Be careful with some production assumptions they are not achievable. The most ridiculous assumption I came across was a grower who was told they will get $18000 from a 5*2.5  meter sized room. Whilst mushroom is highly profitable compared to any crop such wild assumptions are disturbing. Before you set up  your farm get professional advice Talk to us and we will help you set up your dream mushroom farm.

0773842687 (available on what’sapp)

 Some pitfalls made by new mushroom growers in Zimbabwe

Among many pitfalls made by Mushroom growers, a most common one is people just look at the working capital requirements, which is so insignificant compared to huge returns. What most forget is mushroom growing relies on good infrastructure in particular mushroom growing houses. Mushroom growing is highly profitable, First thing to do is build good mushroom growing houses.

 The life of a mushroom grower

Today being a Sunday, I am relaxed, not much work. I am going to church. But being a mushroom grower I can’t afford going out before I check conditions in all rooms. That’s the life of a mushroom grower. Here is a picture I took in one of the rooms. Not so uniform pinning. Why? That is subject for some day, let me relax its a Sunday.

 Spring is here, summer coming, implications for mushroom growers

The heat comes with many things: low humidity,  water challenges,  high levels of contamination and many other challenges.  It’s not all gloom though,  experienced mushroom growers know that this is the time we get the best prices in Zimbabwe. Every season comes with its challenges so as growers we soldier on. What are your experiences with summer?

 Sudden and unusual drop in temperatures: Is this climate change?

In yesterday’s group discussions in my mushroom growers whatsapp groups (group 3) one grower commented “this is weather to make money”.  The weather has suddenly changed to be very cold when we all thought the heat was here.  It’s cold just like our winter,  this year’s winter was not as cold further this is September in Zimbabwe. This has however brought a relief to many growers though we know It will not last.  When we hear about climate change it sounds far fetched but we are living it everyday.  This got me thinking how are my activities affecting the environment. We are acting responsibly at Mushtella as we use sawdust for energy, it is my hope that all mushroom growers stop destroying our forests. I thought I could talk about climate change a subject that seems far from mushroom growing yet It affects all of us. Let’s grow our mushrooms responsibly

 Spellings and pronunciation of mushroom names in Zimbabwe

I have seen wrong spellings and  wrong pronunciation of mushroom names and I feel obliged to correct some of the mistakes.
1. Oyster mushroom : that’s the correct spelling,  I have seen “oyester”  on our whatsapp groups and in a number of reputable supermarkets.  I hope you get it right next time.
2. Shiitake: that’s a Japanese name and for Shona speaking people just read it as shona  its not an English name as some think such that they pronounce it “she-take”. These are common mistakes I come across, if you know of any just add on the comments section or join our whatsapp groups for this and many exciting discussions.