In pursuit of our mission and vision we are launching a special consultancy package that is affordable to small scale growers.

The objective of this package is to mentor inexperienced growers in the industry at a cost that can be afforded by a small farm. In other words your farm can be managed by an expert.

We also know that many are not full time mushroom farmers and as such need someone on the ground who is well versed with the issues at hand.

To subscribe chose any of the following subscription options.

Subscription options;
Once off – $130/annum
Quarterly – $50
Every 6 months- $75

Those who have received training from us will get a 30% discount on any package they choose.

Here are the benefits:
1. Spawn discount: Spawn contributes the largest percentage on production cost, it is our hope by giving you discounted spawn you can be able to cut on your production costs, you will be able to get a 15% discount, we also hope that this will be mutually beneficial as we also looking at having to serve consistent clients.

We currently produce spawn for the following types:
Button mushroom spawn
Oyster spawn
King oyster spawn
Shiitake spawn
Hericium erinaceus

2. Many growers are busy reinventing the wheel. Some seem to be research scientist trying new things all the time. With how mushroom growing is so wide you can spend rest of you r life changing growing methods/systems and never master anything. We will come in and help you set up an appropriate system depending on what you have. We will work on improving the production  system and cut on costs.

3. You attend the Mushtella refresher courses for free, you only pay cost to cover lunch and refreshments. We hold refresher courses once a quarter.

4. You are entitled to free visits each month: 2 hours which you can split as you wish (client covers transport costs). After the free visits you can call us make an appointment and we will be at your site for only $5/hour  exclusive of transport cost.

5. You receive a free copy of the Mushtella Club Magazine. A quarterly publication that is starting in the third quarter of 2014.

6. You get a 5% discount per on all other inputs, remember you have a 15% discount on spawn.

7. You will get 50% discount on attending our conference and you will have VIP treatment at the conference, the first conference is planned for October 2014, more details will be put on the blog.

8. You will have membership to the Mushtella Initiatives Premium group on whatsapp, those who are members on the free Mushtella Initiative groups know the value of these groups, the premium group will have more benefits: detailed lectures and responses, and many other benefits.

9. You automatically qualify to buy spawn on account.

10. You  will have access Mushtella Online Consultant: through Whatsapp, email, Skype, Viber and other options.

This intervention has also been initiated because through the whatsapp groups we  have learnt most growers struggle with basic technical issues, having such a service will help a grower increase their knowledge and avoid some pitfalls. The benefits will be improved as we move forward.
This package is not for beginners, it is designed for people who are already growing. This is some extension services of some sorts. Those intending to start should look at our other packages (training and consultancy)

Lets talk mushrooms
0773842677 (available on Whatsapp)