What are mushroom Kits
Mushroom kits are fully colonized blocks ready to pin (produce mushrooms). All that you need is to start watering and give all the conditions for pinhead initiation and cropping. A colleague described this well, he said they are point of pinning bags. We currently just are concentrating on oyster mushrooms kits. In button mushroom growing it means the casing has already been put and mushrooms are ready to come out.

Why should you consider kits
The advantage of kits is you are jumping a number of the growing stages thus building incubation rooms sourcing all inputs and stocking, pasteurization and all other things. You also completely remove the risk of contamination to us as you just buy ready, clean blocks. Success is certainly guaranteed unless if you do not give kits the right conditions.

Are kits a good model for Zimbabwe mushroom farmers We believe they are because most growers do not have capacity to produce kits in large quantities. Most growers have dismal success rates on their bag production systems. For those in urban settings particularly those in Harare space is a huge consideration, kits allow you to just have a cropping room. Some have challenges on pasteurization as it is involving and requires use of fire which may not be possible very close to the house.

Ordering system
We encourage all our clients to notify us in advance before they order kits to avoid delays. The kits production requires spawn so if the order is impromptu we will start with spawn then move onto kits. You don’t pay for giving us notice that you may/will need kits. Before we start production of your kits we need a deposit, the deposit is mainly meant to safeguard us from uncollected kits, we have had challenges after kits have not been collected. Pay your deposit 21 days before collection. There is no limit to the number of kits you can buy: no minimum or maximum limits. Take note when our facilities are full we can’t take any orders hence the need to talk to us before ordering.

200 kits and above, the price will be $0.90 each. Prices can be negotiated with high volumes. 50% deposit must be paid on ordering

100 kits and above, kits are $1.00 each, 75% of full amount must be paid on order.

Less than 100, kits are $1.30 each, full amount must be paid on order.

Kits yield potential
Our kits have an average yield potential of 1.5 kgs of mushrooms over the cropping cycle If the kits idea is not for you then you can buy our spawn which is of high quality at $3 per kg.