The first meeting will be held today, you can join me at 1730 today as I will be blogging live from the meeting.

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Update: meetings friday 21 november at Pachoto Restuarant along Robson Manyika opposite CVR from 5-7:30 the next will be on monday 24 then wednesday 26 friday 28 and the last on 1 december i believe all of us can find tym to attend on one of these days thank you all for your support


Comments during the week;

This is what think guy. When we form an organization we should have objectives and goals. I strongly believe an organization formed by mushroom growers should have these objectives amongst a lot.
1)bring growers together for reasons like sharing experiences, forming associated companies etc
2)this organization will act as mouthpiece of growers to government, financiers, buyers etc
3)this organization will also source market, locally, regionally and internationally for members
4)the organization will offer extension services, training, and workshops for both new and experienced grower
5)it should also be an information bank to growers
6)the formed organization should source capital for growers’ projects ( beginners and expansion)

It’s 33 minutes before meeting starts, leading organiser now at venue.

1742 Looking for others now

1751 seven people present and they now choosing name of association.

1753 meeting progressing well 8 people now

1755 deliberating on name of association now

1757 still name and constitution can those following from home post comments on our Facebook page

1803 eleven people now in attendance

1809 we need sample constitutions so that we adjust to suit us. Name of association to be confirmed as we go

1812 milicent is not happy that most who had said will come did not come.

1826 now discussing the objectives of forming association and what association will do, quite an interesting discussion we are having

1847 association will look at how to improve technical knowhow to growers, marketing issues and importing modern day technologies into Zimbabwe.

we might see a paradigm shift in the mushroom growing industry in Zimbabwe.

1858 association will also help new growers enter the industry with easy

1859 now discussing how the zimbabwe mushroom industry is under siege from imports this time oyster mushroom growers are also challenged.

1951 good night folks the name of the association is mushroom growers association of Zimbabwe (mgaz), time for drinks.