What is the best suppliers substrate?
This is a very subjective as every substrate is unique some yield more than others, different moisture holding capacities. Choice of media must be guided by availability, cost and required processing. Looking at these factors a grower must choose the best growing media. Lets take rice straw as an example a media popular in Asia as it is readily available there.

Can I grow mushrooms in a cabin?
Can I grow mushrooms in a garage?
Can I grow mushrooms I my kitchen?
The answer to the above questions is yes you can as long g as right conditions are provided, however one needs define why they are growing mushrooms: hobby, commercial, college research and so much more. A commercial operation from a kitchen is out.

Please give me dimensions of the growing rooms?
This is dependent on scale of operation, market size, and environmental management capabilities of chosen equipment.
I read from the Internet that mushroom is easy do grow, do I need training?
Training is key to any business venture, others choose consultancy, however surely one can do trial and error using Internet resources for hobby growing not so for commercial operation.

Ultimately one needs training to grasp all aspects of the type/s of mushroom you have chosen to grow. This list has been compiled based on common enquiries we get, I hope this gives a little light into mushrooms.
What I have learnt over the years is people want all information provided to them at once, hence this unique faq series, others get angry if I refer them to our faq’s. Others get angry after asking them to research more. Be patient and learn as much as you can.

These faq’s will continue to be upgraded and also add more it’s my hope this will give clear ideas and also reduce the enquiries we get.

If you feel you need meet a consultant: consultancy rate is $35 hour.