Frequently asked questions by most people who want to grow mushrooms in Zimbabwe , I will continue to update the questions as we get more common questions.
1. How many bags can I do with 1 kg of spawn?

That depends with the type you want to grow, spawning rate and size of the bag/crate/shelf. However let me give you an example using our recommended spawning rate of 10% (oyster mushrooms).The first thing is you need to know the weight of dry substrate of your bag, assuming you put 1 kg dry substrate material then the amount of spawn on such a bag is 100 grams. We recommend spawning rate for button mushrooms at 5 kgs for a tonne of compost

2. Do you help on marketing my mushroom if I grow?

We are into growing mushroom however we do provide marketing services for mushroom growers but let me also state that our capacity might be limited depending on our output at our farm, communication must be sent to us when you expect a high output we need at least two weeks notice before you start harvesting.

3. How much is training to grow mushrooms?

You may want to have a look our various packages. In general training is $150 (two day course) it comes with a few benefits including free spawn (30kgs). And other discounts on inputs and other services. have a look at details of our training and consultancy packages

4. How much is consultancy fees?

Consultancy fees are set depending on the scale of operation, type and duration, our general package takes you from scratch till you finish the first cropping cycle. We have different packages that can be made to suit your specific needs. general consultancy: $35/hour.

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5. How much do I need to start a mushroom growing project?
That question has many answers as there are people wishing to grow mushrooms: it depends with the scale of operation, type
to be grown, type of growing rooms, scale of mechanization, do you have some existing building or you building from scratch, and where you are. The list is endless, call us for a site assessment. Send us an email and I will send you budgets for different yes.

6. At what scale should I start?
That depends on so many factors, for example your level of investment, your market research should give
you an answer, above all what is the break even point, we encourage beginners to start small and grow gradually unless you are being guided by a consultant.

7. How do l buy or order spawn?
Pay 50% deposit and your spawn will be ready in 14 days. We do not stock spawn for technical reasons.

8. Is there export market for mushrooms?
Yes there is export market for mushrooms but with prevailing shortages in Zimbabwe I do not see the logic at least in the medium term. The Southern African region has a deficit of mushrooms which growers can take advantage of.

9. Can I visit and see how you grow your mushrooms?
Yes you can come and we will take you through after paying $35, if you buy any product or service within 7 days this amount will be deductable on your invoice. All visits must by appointment.

10. Do you give support after training?
Yes we do, we have various packages that you can subscribe to. We have 2 whatsapp group for growers, you can ask questions via emails or call. We supply most of the inputs to growers and we organize refresher courses (every quarter) which are meant to keep growers on track. We also sell kits.

11. Which type of mushroom is lucrative?
All types are, most people are misled by shelf prices in most cases its a reflection of cost of production and investment made especially for white button that requires air conditioners and due to power cuts in Zimbabwe a standby generator is required. The
fuel cost can be very high. most people who inquire ask for training on button but a few eventually grow it.

12. Which type should I grow?
It depends on your research, the capital you have, and many other

13. What materials, facilities and initial cost of setting up?
Refer to 5, and read our blog for more information.

14. Do I get a certificate after training?
Yes we issue certificates of attendance.

15. Do I need a licence to grow mushrooms?
There is no licence required to grow mushrooms in Zimbabwe but observe all laws of the land.

16 how much does training cost?
Our training costs $150/person, we have group discount at $40 per person (at least 10 people) we have consultancy services charged according to size of project, duration and many other factors. Training is for two days (0900-1500), we don’t have fixed training days its Training on Demand (ToD).

17 How much does span cost?
We sell oyster mushroom spawn at the following prices:
Upto 19kgs $3/kg
20-59. $2.50/kg
60kgs upwards $2.30/kg

Shiitake spawn can be made on order $5/kg

We dont produce spawn for other types. However button spawn prices range from $8-12

18. How do I pay for your products and services?

You have many ways to pay depending on what is comfortable to you. come to our premises
Ecocash-0773842677 Nyasha mupaso or deposit in our account. If you make a bank deposit or use mobile money make sure to email us so that we know you have paid and what you have paid for.

Talk to us
+263773842677 (available on whatsapp)

Talk to us +263773842677 (available on whatsapp)