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I get a lot of enquiries on spawn,  I have tried to compile the frequently asked questions and here are some. As promised I will continue to update this.

1. Why is it spawn from different suppliers differ in yields?

There are  various strains (“varieties”)  across the globe all are different and perform differently on same substrates.  My advice is stick to one strain before you move to the next strain.

2. I did not get any mushrooms,  i suspect the spawn.

Most growers blame their failures on spawn despite the fact there are numerous factors that cause crop failure.  It’s important to look at your production line before blaming spawn.  Many growers change spawn supplier every time they have crop failure  others even resort to imports before giving up.  What that does is you give business to all spawn labs but you fail to develop.  I advise growers to look at their production line and spend time with spawn supplier and perfect your system.

3. How many kgs of mushrooms do I get per kg of spawn?

That question has many answers as there are growers because it depends on many factors,  let me list just give a few

– strains vary in their yielding  capacity.

– different substrates (“comoost”) perform differently.

– management of growing conditions has huge bearing on yields.

I will continue to update this as time goes on.