We have operated several Whatsapp groups for a long time. These groups have evolved over the  years, right now
We operate three groups,  two are  by invite only. I have prepared this article for the beginners group which started recently.
Some of the objectives:
1.Help those thinking of doing mushrooms so that they avoid dangers. There are common mistakes  I wish I knew before I started. Hope members avoid these.
2. Help those just starting with tips,  ideas,  trouble shooting and so much more.
3. Help beginners do appropriate research,  when you come across something you are struggling to understand we will help you.
4. We also learn from others so the group is a way of Increasing and sharpening our knowledge and understanding trends in the industry.
5. We hope to create networks with as many and we hope those in the group create critical networks for success.
6. Marketing is critical to any business and we believe those in the group will get help on marketing and most importantly trade among members is encouraged.
Before I continue members need to understand we have a set of strict rules which must be obeyed at all times so that group remains on  track and stick to mushroom issues alone.
The group admins are there to help if no one is able to answer.  We are full time growers and this group is fueled by passion,  its a free service to anyone anywhere who can abide by our rules.  We are not paid to give information or help so bear with us we can only do so  much.
Some join group expecting everything,  expecting all notes of all types of mushrooms,  be given all they need,  get all definitions of Mushroom terms,  and much more.   On the contrary  the group is not a substitute for training or other sources of information like Google search.  I always tell people to take the group as one tool among many  like training,  reading books, reading articles on Internet  visiting a farm,  consultancy and many  more.  By nature chats are so brief but what happens after months,  a year and years the picture becomes so clear.
Some also expect to learn everything in a very short space of time which is an over expectation like I said above it is a good  idea to get training.
To those joining the group and those already members: asking questions contributing the little you know makes group exciting.  I encourage all to participate,  most enjoy passive learning which I know wont develop anyone much.
I have prepared this article because many people expect too much on the group something the group wont achieve. They then complain why they “don’t get it all”.  I am doing a series of articles aimed at helping all hobby growers and Begginers,  in my next article I will touch on what to look at before starting a business. I think a number need to know these things weather you want grow mushrooms or do any form of business.
To join group send a message to 0773842677