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Faq: spawn

I get a lot of enquiries on spawn,  I have tried to compile the frequently asked questions and here are some. As promised I will continue to update this. 1. Why is it spawn from different suppliers differ in yields? There are  various strains (“varieties”)  across the globe all are different and perform differently on same substrates.  My advice is stick to one strain before you move to the next strain. 2. I did not get any mushrooms,  i suspect the spawn. Most growers blame their failures on spawn despite the fact there are numerous factors that cause crop failure.  It’s important to look at your production line before blaming spawn.  Many growers change spawn supplier every time they have crop failure  others even resort to imports before giving up.  What that does is you give business to all spawn labs but you fail to develop.  I advise growers to look at their production line and spend time with spawn supplier and perfect your system. 3. How many kgs of mushrooms do I get per kg of spawn? That question has many answers as there are growers because it depends on many factors,  let me list just give a few – strains vary in their yielding  capacity. – different substrates (“comoost”) perform differently. – management of growing conditions has huge bearing on yields. I will continue to update this...

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My return after a long sabbatical

After having dropped my pen a long while ago,  I am glad to be back and continue from where I left.  I am also glad to present to you a new look blog with better features compared to the old one. What I am going to do first is to expand our FAQ page so that it has a brief section and followed by detailed FAQ  by categories  I get a lot of questions and enquiries and end up replying the same question too many times. I will continue with this upgrade and ensure the blog meets your expectations. I look forward to your feedback so that the blog continues to grow and be better.        ...

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Mushtella Shorts – August 2016

 Mushroom business talk on radio I will be on radio tomorrow talking mushrooms. I will be representing the Mushroom Growers Association of Zimbabwe (MGAZ). Don’t miss this opportunity to understand the mushroom growing industry in Zimbabwe. This will be my second appearance on radio in less than three months. I was also on national fm the other time. I am glad I will be reaching a different audience, I hope to be on all radio stations and TV as I play my role in educating the nation on mushrooms: mushroom as a business opportunity, mushrooms as a way to alleviate hunger, mushrooms for a healthy nation, besides being delicious mushroom are packed with most essential nutrients. These are benefits we hope as MGAZ we will help the nation on. We will continue to work hard in this area until we reach the set goals. The programme will be live on Starfm (89.7) 2010 – 2100 on Tuesday 29 September 2015. This will be a great opportunity for all, growers and consumers even policy makers as well. #mushroomrevolutionzimbabwe  The importance of training and/or consultancy Had a grower who got in touch today asking why people do not want to get training, his question was motivated by the kind of questions we get on our whatsapp group. its easy to tell a person has not been trained by the questions they...

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Quick Tips – Want to loose weight? Eat mushrooms!

There are many things you can do to loose weight but they all come down to two main things: how many calories are you taking and how many are you loosing. You can loose weight by simply reducing your calorie intake or you can maintain the calorie intake and simply burn more calories than you are taking. Diet plays a crucial role in weight loss while physical activity remains as relevant. Mushrooms are low in calories and have virtually zero fat. Mushrooms are important to human healthy as was found in many studies done to understand how mushrooms can be helpful to those who want to lose weight. For more details on why mushrooms will help you loose weight. Mushrooms and your health: low calories and virtualy no fat One of the richest, natural sources of selenium. Ergothioneine: This is another, naturally occurring, antioxidant which is found in mushrooms.  Mushrooms & Slimming Mushrooms contain almost no fat, sugar or salt, but they are a valuable source of dietary fibre, creating the perfect snack for those on a diet. In addition to being a healthy ‘snack food’, mushrooms are a great, low-calorie way to add flavour and texture to a variety of dishes, including pasta and stir-frys. With a high water content (over 90%) mushrooms can be cooked in their own juices, without the need for butter or...

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Mushroom Shorts – July 2016

 Free mushroom farm visits for spawn clients We have learnt with disappointment that there are a number of bogus trainers out there, who are poorly training. protect your hard earned money by getting good training, some of the trainers are a bit expensive but you will get very good training. One of the reasons why other growers fail is they get trained (one day) and go and do their own things without any form of backup. If you buy spawn from us, you will get support from us through farm visits, online support and over the phone help. We will take you step by step. Till you stand on your own feet. Call us now and book a date with us.  Mushroom growers refresher course and “field” day The first mushroom field day and refresher course will be held at Mushtella farm, as with all our free products and services this is open to all our clients absolutely free. Others are free to attend at a small fee; this will be held on 7 November 2013, 0900-1300 (those who will be free can remain for practicals and discussions). The first is aimed at oyster mushroom growing. These will be held every quarter (once a quarter for each type). I am happy to be announcing that we have a guest speaker: Masimba Mpahlo from Rockshield mushrooms, he will present on...

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