Author: Nyasha Mupaso

Oyster Mushroom Growing Experiences

Today I had like to share with you my experiences in south Korea when I went there for training, in the picture you will see that the bags that this farm are quite small to what most of us growers here in Zimbabwe know or practice, such small bags achieve high yields as compared to our big bags, The bags in South Korea are standardized (one thing we lack here) the diameter is usually 14-15cm, substrate (ww) is 1kg. What struck me was one farm that harvest only one flush and throw all the bags away (this is due...

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Challenges in the mushroom industry in Zimbabwe

There are a number of challenges we face as mushroom growers in Zimbabwe by mentioning them here I hope I will get feedback from you on how we can solve some of these things. 1. Bogus trainers: we have too many bogus trainers, the worst I have seen do not grow mushrooms and just give theoretical training, its so sad, this has led to many challenges we have to face, due to such training, we have people who have lost confidence in the industry. Some of the trainers seem to have never read a mushroom growing book or at...

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Poisonous mushroom: Facts and Myths in Zimbabwe

As a mushroom enthusiast, I am concerned with the fear that many people have for mushrooms, most people I meet just have fear of the mushrooms even if they can not explain why they are afraid, I usually ask people, do you have a friend or a relative who died of mushroom poisoning?, I have only met one lady who had a brother who died of mushroom poisoning since I started mushroom growing in 2003. Before I go on with this subject let me state that all cultivated mushrooms are safe. The subject of poisonous mushrooms only comes into...

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