It’s now a week since the mushtella Whatsapp group went live. The group is growing by each day as our clients increases and as some join Whatsapp.

photo: A button mushroom composting yard in Buyeo, South Korea

Who is eligible to join this group?  this group is exclusively for mushtella clients, clients who use at least one of the following products and services.

a) spawn
b) mushroom kits
C) training  and

The creation of the group was motivated by a number of reasons among them:

1. Need to keep in touch with our clients. have live discussions covering all   things mushroom cultivation.

3. Need to give our clients updates on issues affecting them and the industry at large.

4. We stand ready to answer a  growers question and simultaneously answer others Who have similar questions

5. Above all we look forward to seeing our clients suceed as we give them step by step guidelines.

These are just a few reasons for the creation the group. We look forward to your joining the group.

Until then, I wish all of you a successful mushroom cultivation.